Peter Ostermeier

Dear visitor,

a cordial welcome to the website of Ostermeier GmbH. On this site you get a rough overview of our four branches PrivateLinen, Chute Systems, Chimneys, Metall Working. Because our products and services are tailor made to your individual needs we can give you just a short insight into our competences:

PrivateLinen: Chute systems for the private sector are an useful device for transporting linen from different storeys to a central laundry collecting room. Thus bath room, dormitory and other rooms are free of laundry.

Chute Systems: Ostermeier Chute Systems are used in many areas. No matter wether you want to dispose garbage, medical waste, sensitive documents or plain paper or wether you want to collect laundry in hotels or old people homes effectivley, we have the right solution.

Chimneys: We produce stand alone chimneys and mantelpieces and ee help you to make your chimney fit for new heating technologies.

Metal Working: Modern production equipment and skilled craftmanship are our basis for sound solutions in the field of metall working.

If you have got any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We send you detailed product brochures or are pleased to give you advise personally.

Yours, Peter Ostermeier