Metal Working - References

The following examples will give you a short overview of our production possibilities. The description of the single pictures contains name of the part, customer, used materials and used production methods. If you are interessted into further references, do not hesitate to contact us.

clamp lever and stopper; Ostermeier, S355MC, laser cutting, drilling, threading

angle, Scheugenpflug, 1.4301, laser cutting, edging

covering, Scheugenpflug, 1.4301, laser cutting, edging, WIG-welding

bracket, Scheugenpflug, 1.4301, laser cutting, edging

plate, Scheugenpflug, 1.4301, laser cutting

angle; Hekuma; DC01; laser cutting, edging

stirrer, Scheugenpflug, 1.4301; laser cutting, edging

fence table; Scheugenpflug; 1.4301; edging, WIG-welding