About us

In the year 1978 Ostermeier GmbH was founded by Klaus and Hermine Ostermeier. They continued the branch "Chute Systems" of the Schiedel Company, which should be closed due to low profitability. Since then Ostermeier GmbH is designing and constructing Chute Systems for linen, garbage and paper, worldwide.

The first company head office was situated in Eching near Munich. During time steel chimneys completed the range of products. Rising demand for Chute Systems made in Germany made it necessary to expand the own metall working. Thus production for other customers was started too.

Because room in Eching become to small and expansion on this site was not possible, Ostermeier GmbH moved to Schweitenkirchen by Munich in 1991. New production facilities were built there.

Since 2008 Peter Ostermeier is in charge of the company. He has invested in new production technologies and together with a sound craftmanship he guarantees the worldwide valued quality of Ostermeier products. Now as well in the future, Ostermeier GmbH meets its comitment to be the world leading company for premium Chute Systems.