Chimneys - Competences

Chimneys and mantelpieces are always tailor made according to the project. If you have got further questions, we are pleased to help you. On our reference page you can find examples of chimneys and mantelpieces.

Chimneys. We manufacture free standing chimneys up to a height of 20 m. A chimney consists of a jacket pipe, which is the supporting element, and an inner pipe, which guides the exhaust fumes. The inner pipe is made of stainless stell, sometimes of acid resistant stainless steel. The jacket pipe is mostly made of normal steel and seldom of stainless steel, too.

Mantelpieces. At the end of chimneys built within buildings mantelpieces are necessary. Preferably they are manufactured of stainless steel.

Renovation of chimneys.
 Modern heating systems need reduced cross-sections of chimneys, because of lower temperature of exhaust fumes. Because exhaust fumes can condense already within the chimney there is the risk of Versottung. A new chimney made of stainless steel is fitted into the already existing chimney. Thus this problem is solved. Modular designed standard products can be fitted to each individual project situation easily. We ike to give you advice.