Metal Working - Competences

For more than 30 years we shape metall. We produce single metall parts, welding components or complete products. You can get an overview on the reference site. If you have got any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Laser cutting. 
Using a modern laser cutting device LC-3015-X1 from Amada we cut stainless steel up to a thickness of 15 mm and normal steel up to a thickness of 20 mm. We cut aluminium up to 12 mm and spring steel. We can handle sheet-sizes up to 3000 x 1500 mm.

We use the welding methods MIG, MAG and WIG. We weld normal steel, stainless steel, aluminium and nonferrous metals with a thickness from 0.8 mm to 20 mm.

Using our edging device HFE 130 from Amada (pressing force 170 to) we edge various metal profiles up to a length of 3000 mm and a thickness of 20 mm.

We round sheet metal of thickness 0.5 mm to 5 mm made of normal steel, stainless stell, aluminium, nonferrous metal. The possible radii are at least 55 mm for a length of 1500 mm and 120 mm for a length of 3000 mm.

Our blanking device Octo 8 from Amada enables the manufacturing of Sicken. We can cut nonferrous metals and manufacture metall sheets with holes economically.

Together with our partners we offer you parts which have to be milled or turned partly in addition to our competences.