PrivateLine - FAQ

Is it possible to install a chute by oneself?
Yes you can, if you are a little bit skilled. Together with your chute you get a detailed instaling instruction and if you have questions you can contact us. But you can ask your local plumber to install the chute, too.

Are there any regulations I have to pay attention?
As far as we know there are no special regulations for private linen chutes. We advise you to follow regulations for similiar products. We especially advise you to prohibit the access to the chute for children (i.e. by lock).

Is ist possible to use the chute at night or is it a source for noise?
The doors are sound isolated. When the doors are closed sound propagation is prohibited. If you use a chute made of stainless steel you need a special sound-isolation.

Will there be any odour nuisance by the chute?
No. Are the doors closed, they prohibit odour propagation.

Do I have a big loss of energy through the chute?
This depends on the special situation. In generall ventilation of air and thus heat is possible.

Do I have to cover the chute?
Technically spoken, no. But for optical reasons we advise you to cover the chute.

What is the difference between a chute made of stainless steel and pvc?
The risk of fire is higher at a chute made of pvc. But as far as we know there are no regulations at the moment so that it is possible to use chutes made of pvc. Chutes made of pvc tend to charge themselves electrostatically and thus tend to be more dusty than chutes made of stainless steel. The doors for chutes made of stainless steel are bigger.