Chute systems - Competences

Ostermeier chute systems are used in hotels, hospitals, old peoples homes, ships and industry buildings worldwide. Each single chute system is tailor made according to the project. Thus it is very important to take the chute system into consideration from the early beginning. We like to give you adivse. A principal draft of a chute system can be seen on the product page.

Chute systems for linen. In buildings with several storeys, like hotels or old peoples homes, chute systems are an efficient method to transport soiled linen to a central laundry collecting room. Electronically controlled door systems hinder the use of the chute system for non authorised personal.

Chute systems for paper. In office buildings paper waste is produced on several storeys. Ostermeier chute systems help to collect this paper at central points and to transport it to a common waste collecting place. Smoke detectors and fire extinguisher guerantee a safe usage of the chute.

Chute systems for waste. Especially in countrys with warm climate it is unhealthy to store waste. Ostermeier garbage chutes are a comfortable way to bring waste to a central waste room. Desinfecting and cleaning units help for a scentless and clean chute.

Special solutions. Medical, contaminated or confidential waste needs special solutions. This could be continous underpressure in a chute, thorough crushing of paper or an electronically controlled usage of the chute. We build this and much more, i.e. chute systems for ships.