Chute systems - Product

A chute system is always tailor made according to the single project. Thus chute systems are unique. A wide range of varieties is possible. These can not be explained in detail here. We are pleased to help you, if you need individual advise. The following schematical description of a chute system shall give you a short overview of the basic construction of a chute system. Therfore the chute system can be distinguhished into three sections: chute head, chute body, chute foot.

1) Chute head

The upper end of a chute can be designed many ways. In every case it is closed to hinder things from fallsing in. As a option the chute can be used with a vent for good ventilation of the cute. For garbage chutes a cleaning unit is advisable. It can be operated mechanically or electrically with water and additional desinfection liquid. To meet fire protection requirements automatic sprinkler together with smoke detectros can be installed.

2) Chute body

Plain tubes and door tubes are the backbone of a chute system. The tubes are fitted to the heigth of the storeys. The door tubes will contain the doors later on. A wide variety of doors is possible. Tipping hoppers, intake doors and pull dors are some examples. The size of the doors ist fitted to the size of the chute. To hinder unautohrised acess to the chute, doors can be locked electrically. To meet fire safety requirements fire proof doors, EI30 or EI60-Standard, can be used.

3) Chute foot

At the lower end of the chute many accessories are possible. Laundry bags or laundry transporting units can be used for linen chutes for example. At waste or paper chutes crusher or compactors can be installed. Waste or paper can be sucked, also. Waste sorting can be realised ba a waste carusell. Fire shutter doors help to meet fire safety requirements, again.