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With the help of the description given here, you can determine the necessary components for your laundry chute.

Please follow these 5 points

First of all, you need to decide how many floors the laundry chute will extend: You will need a support frame for each floor. 

Next, you need to decide how many throw-ins you want and which type of throw-in should be on which floor. This results in the number of door types required in each case and the matching tubes. If you choose a door type 5a/b or 15a/b for the uppermost slot, you can save one chute tube.

The number of chute pipes required also results from the determination of the number of chutes. Once the number of chutes and chute pipes has been determined, the number and length of the necessary intermediate pipes can be calculated:

The throw-in should be 1000 mm above the finished floor, both to provide adequate protection for children and to allow ergonomic operation. First, draw the floors. Next, draw in the chute tubes. With the help of the floor height and the plug-in length of the chute tube, it is then possible to calculate how long the additional tubes must be.

The fourth question is whether the shaft should end vertically in the room or whether a deflection is desired.

The last step is the question of accessories. You can keep the shaft closed via a pendulum flap, a shaft slide or a butterfly valve, whereby the pendulum flap opens the shaft in a controlled manner via a mass.

The following table makes it possible for you to calculate the price for your chute and to compare the difference between a chute made of stainless steel and one made of pvc.

The stainless chute tubes already have a clamp included.

Stainless steel